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Dying With (Testate) or Without (Intestate) a Will

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Bear with me on this post. I know I am getting a little more technical but, in my opinion, it is necessary and the explanation is easy.

When a probate estate is “testate,” it means that there is a valid Will that provides the personal representative and the court with instructions on where the probate assets should be distributed.

When a probate estate is “intestate,” it means that there is no valid Will and, therefore, the personal representative, with the Court's supervision, should distribute the probate assets pursuant to State law.

That’s it!! Some people die with a Will (testate) and many people die without a Will (intestate). My goal through this blog is to increase the number of people who die testate.

Next week’s post will explain to you what exactly is a “Last Will and Testament.”

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